Email Statements with Sage 200 Out of the box

This guide will support you through the set-up of Sage 200 sending statements via Email.

1.1. Setting up the customer record

SALES LEDGER > Sales Accounts > Amend Account

TIP: If you have the list view selected, you can edit multiple accounts, Click on the first account you would like to edit on the list view and then press CTRL+A, this will highlight all accounts, then just click on the “Amend account” option at the top of the list view. Use the scroll buttons to change record



  • You will need to add the email address to the contact with the “SendStatementto” ticked


  • Whilst you’re amending the records click on the “DOCUMENTS” Tab and change Statement production as below


  • SAVE the record.

NOTE: If you do not have the email address for a customer, do not make changes to the Statement Production” option.



1.2. Selecting the correct document type

Whilst in Sage 200, from the top left corner select FILE > Choose Layouts. You will see the pop up below. Scroll down the list until you see Statement Primary Email. Then check you have a specific (E-mail) template selected and click ok.




1.3. Producing the Statement

When next printing your statements, ensure you select the option as below.


Then continue with your statement run as normal.

Customers with an email address with have the statements; customers without an email address will print as normal

NOTE:Unless otherwise edited the statements produced will use the standard template and be send to your inbox ready for you to check and send. The formatting of the template can be amended and the options can be changed to send directly. We can in most instances complete these changes for you in ½ day or less including formatting the template. Call us with your requirements and we can advise fully.


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