Severe Weather on the Way – Consider Working Remotely this Season

January 13, 2014 | In: Infrastructure

Working remotely

Every year severe weather problems, from knee deep snow to torrential rain and flooding, pose a number of obstacles which can stop us from getting into work, costing UK businesses millions of pounds a year. As a result, working from home has become a more popular option, allowing employees to continue with their work without facing disruptions caused by hazardous conditions. This year we can expect another bout of severe weather including storms and heavy rainfall which can make travelling to work dangerous. We take a look at working remotely as an option during this problematic time below.

Brief history
Under the Employment Act 2002, parents (as well as carers and disabled individuals) can apply for flexible working, including remote working. This option is also increasingly offered to other employees to allow them to work from home as well as on the move.

Advantages of working remotely
There are a number of advantages to working remotely including: being able to work more productively due to less interruptions, a better home/work life balance, better flexibility and reduced carbon emissions and running costs for employers.

Disadvantages of working remotely
Whilst low in number, there are some disadvantages to working remotely, including the feeling of isolation, temptation to work later hours and distractions around the home (family, TV, pets). However, by ensuring that there is effective balance and self-discipline, these issues can be combated.

Available technology for home workers
Advances in technology have made it even easier for employees to work from home, whether they are unable to travel due to the weather or for other reasons. Broadband and VPN services mean that users can work just as effectively from home using secure networks, meaning that PCs and laptops can be used to work as easily as in the office and ensure that all data remains secure.

Other options for workers include Remote Web Access which allows users to access their desktops remotely. This is a secure service that gives great flexibility and ensures no disruptions are caused to normal work processes. This technology can often be used via a browser and therefore can be used on tablets or personal computers, should employees find themselves caught without their office equipment.

Useful services such as the Outlook Web App can help businesses by giving their employees the option of remotely logging into their email accounts via a web application that is flexible and helps them stay connected as needed, both at home and when travelling.

Entegraty can provide you with all of the advice and support necessary to work from home. If you’d like to discuss your options before the bad weather sets in, contact 020 8335 5910 and they’ll be glad to help you out.

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