Avoid Severe Weather Disruption: Consider Remote Working this Season


It’s that time of the year again when severe weather problems – from knee-deep snow to torrential rain and flooding – could create havoc for commuters and cost UK businesses millions of pounds. Over the years, the ability to work away from the office whilst at home or away on business has become a necessity. With an abundance of technologies that allow remote access to basic systems such as email, and more advanced applications such as CAD and CRM, businesses can empower their employees to stay productive even in the face of disruptions caused by severe weather.

Advances in cloud technologies have made it possible for basic work systems, such as emails and file storage, to be accessed from anywhere. With Office365, for example, users can access their emails and files regardless of their location. A number of other applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and some accounts packages provide a web interface that can be accessed from anywhere and, increasingly, from mobile devices.

Cloud users are not the only ones who can easily access their emails and their files remotely. Using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), users can access most of their systems and applications as well as their emails and files at work from anywhere, provided they have access to a fairly good internet service. Organisations that have deployed Virtual Desktops Infrastructures (VDI), or Remote Desktop solutions (RDT) can provide their users full remote access to all of their systems and applications. VDI can also provide users the flexibility of using devices other than PCs, such as tablets.

These systems can empower employees to perform just as if they were at the office.

Entegraty can provide you with all of the advice and support necessary to enable remote working. If you’d like to discuss your options before the bad weather sets in, contact 020 8335 5910 and speak with one of our experts.