Is Your Business Being Strangled By Your Broadband?

Today’s business world is moving fast, and needs to send and receive data in large volumes very quickly. Is your system keeping up with the needs of your business? Do you know the difference between an EFM and an ADSL connection?  With all the choices on offer, you need to know which one is best for your business needs, not just for today, but for tomorrow…..

Here is the Entegraty Jargon Busting Guide to help you through the maze of what is available under the Broadband banner; and how each one will affect your business. If you are still not sure when you get to the end of the article, we have a one click link that will take you straight to one of our specialists who can help you to get your business in the fast lane of the new super highway!

• Broadband:  A high-speed data transmission with one cable carrying a large amount of data. The most common types of Internet broadband connections are cable modems (similar to cable TV connections) and DSL modems (which uses your existing phone line).
• Bonded Broadband:  If you live in an area where Fibre Broadband is not available and a single broadband connection can’t give you the bandwidth you need, this could be the answer. It is a ‘bond’ of two or more business broadband lines together to give both of them a faster download and upload speed.
• ADSL:  This stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line and transmits data at a high bandwidth using existing phone lines to homes and businesses.  The big difference is that it gives you an “always on” connection and allows telephone voice information on the same line. It costs around £10 a month, but is not the fastest option on the market at around 19Mbps.
• FTTC:  This is Fibre Broadband, and stands for “Fibre To The Cabinet” The new generation of broadband connections. It uses fibre optic cables for higher speeds and better reliability. This can start at about £35 per month and should give you up to 80Mb Download and 20Mb Upload speeds with unlimited data usage. This is slowly replacing the old POTS, or Plain Old Telephone Services.
• EoFTTC: This is not an Einstein calculation of infinity; it means Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet and is the next step up from FTTC. It gives superfast broadband with non-contended lines and is ideal for businesses where 24/7 access to the internet is critical, at a constant bandwidth with prices starting at about £135 per month. It should give you up to 80Mb.
• Leased Line:  For the sports car equivalent for data connectivity you may need a Leased Lines. This is a dedicated fibre connection, known as a private circuit that feeds straight into your business, and is not shared with any other user. A sort of intravenous Broadband for business.  Flexible bandwidths are available from 10Mbps up to 100Mbps in multiples of 10 and priced accordingly.
• The Help Button: If you think that your current internet connection is not moving fast enough for your business needs, this could be a good time to upgrade. Why not speak to one of our Technicians about how much data you need and how fast you need it, before you sign up to the wrong option?
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So What Does Your Business Future Hold?
Internet costs are coming down, but in every business we are finding that bandwidth expectations are going up very fast. Particular businesses finding this are our Universities and Colleges; and the Hotel and Hospitality industry, but that is for our next Newsletter…..

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