Making Electronic Payments & Remittance Advice production with Sage 200

This document will guide you through the options required to enable the Sage 200 facility emailing remittances to your suppliers and creating a BACS payment file for later upload to your e-banking software

Estimated time to completion 20-30 Minutes


1.1.     CASH BOOK


Within the cash book we need to make some changes to the bank accounts and let sage know who we bank with.

From within Sage 200 navigate to CASH BOOK > Cash Book Accounts > Amend Bank Accounts

Select the bank account(s) making payments, from the list available.

Now select the “E-BANKING” tab

Here you will see a selection of ebanking plug-ins supported by Sage

Assuming your bank is supported choose then appropriate option from the list.

NOTE: If you do not see any options for E-Banking service or your bank is not listed please click this LINK for details of all supported banks / download the Plug-ins)

Depending on the options chosen under E-Banking functions you will be prompted to use the plug in for

  • Payments Only
  • Bank Reconciliation Only
  • Both Payments and Bank Reconciliation


For this guide we are going to select Payments only and then select the option for File Locations

Here we are going to select the default BACS file Location / File Prefix and Extension

  • Common Directory : Our Recommendation here are to use a Shared location, in the example above I’ve created a BACS folder in the Sage default Share. You may have a finance or Accounts share where you would prefer to keep these files. This location is where you browse to from within your banking software and upload the BACS file.
  • File Identifier: Our Recommendation to set this to BACS so the files are easily identified in the future.
  • File Extension: I’ve used the most commonly accepted extension of CSV


Once these options have been set click on OK then SAVE to accept.





Firstly we need to Enable Electronic payments to do this we just tick the box on the options tab as below.

Next we need to specify the Payment groups to use, if ticked, un-tick the option:  All accounts use the same payment method

You will in most instances require more than one payment method, in this guide I am only going to look at the one used for Emailing / BACS Remittances.

Within the Payment Document Column from the dropdown select: Electronic Payment Remittance (Email), the description is free text I have entered BACS in my example below.

Make the changes and click on OK to save.




PURCHASE LEDGER > Purchase Accounts > Amend Account

TIP: If you have the list view selected, you can edit multiple accounts, Click on the first account you want to edit on the list view and then press CTRL+A, this will highlight all accounts, then just click on the “Amend account” option at the top of the list view. Use the scroll buttons to change record


Step 1, on the contact tab, we will need to add the email address to the contact with ‘SendRemittanceto’ ticked


Step 2, click on the PAYMENTS Tab and change Payment Group: to the option selected above (0 – BACS in my example)


Step 3, the supplier’s bank details will need to be entered. Only the items shown below need to be completed for BACS payments.


SAVE the record.


Emailing template is specific so we need to ensure the appropriate template is chosen is an email template. The default template is shown selected below.


Navigate to FILE > Choose Layouts and select the Report Key – RemittanceOnlyEmail

Unless otherwise edited the remittances produced will use the standard template and be send to your inbox ready for you to check and send. The formatting of the template can be amended and the options can be changed to send directly. We can in most instances complete these changes for you in ½ day or less including formatting the template. Call us with your requirements and we can advise fully.

1.5.     Making the Payment

Using the suggested payment routine with Sage select the payment type of 0-BACS. And proceed as normal.

If you would like further information on the Sage 200 Range or you are an existing Sage 200 User looking for a Fresh Business Partner then please contact us.