What’s The Best CRM Solution For My Business?

Sage has moved a long way to offer flexibility in their CRM solution both in terms of licensing and deployment. You have the choice of going on premise with either Full or subscription licensing or opt for the SageCRM.com cloud solution. At Entegraty, we have taken the flexibility one step further by offering a Cloud solution which can be deployed using both Full and subscription type licensing but which is also fully customisable and capable of integration with 3rd party applications.

But with so many solutions and options how do you choose what’s right for you?
On premise
Full License
Subscription model

Entegraty CRM Cloud- Full License
Entegraty CRM Cloud- Subscription

A good starting point to help you decide the best option will be to consider the following;

  • Your budget
  • Your functional requirements
  • Your infrastructure

Your budget
In the long run the cost of buying your licenses outright is cheaper than the subscription model, but it does mean that you will have to make a large investment right at the start. You may also need to take into consideration additional infrastructure costs, such as new server and additional Microsoft software and licenses.

Your Functional Requirement
Whether you opt for On premise or Cloud deployment, you will be able to fully customise and develop the solution to your requirement. If however you require interfacing with other applications, such as Sage50, Swiftpage or any other 3rsd party applications, you will have to choose either On premise or Entegraty CRM cloud which also offers you both the Full and Subscription models.

Your infrastructure
This is where it becomes a little more complicated. The number of users and the version of your existing operating systems and/or applications such as Microsoft SQL need to be taken into account. You’ll also need to consider the current load on CPU and Memory from existing applications. Entegraty CRM solution is the only offering which will offer your own dedicated virtual server including backup and live monitoring and DR services.

The Entegraty CRM Cloud service is a fully customisable Sage CRM platform hosted on a virtual environment using High Availability VMware infrastructure. For further information on Entegraty CRM Cloud click here or alternatively, contact us on 020 83355910

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