What’s the Difference between a Database and a CRM System?

Trying to understand which software programme to invest in for your business is no easy task, so here is a quick and easy guide to what they both do, and how to make sure you get the right product for your business:

Here is an easy question to find out whether you need a Database or a CRM System. Do you want to look forward? Or back?

Database = Past Business

It’s as simple as that really; a database is just that. A place to store, and organise an amount of data. It can be any size, catering for the local Fishing Club to a multi-national Corporate and you can drill down into the numbers and dates, extract information, create spreadsheets, and analyse who did what, when, and for how much.  All information is in the past. It’s already happened, deals done, invoices raised, profit made.

If you enjoy working with Spreadsheets and are good at setting them up to count various key indicators for you, dividing them up into different buying groups and then contacting each customer yourself,  then a database is the way to go.

CRM = Future Business

A CRM system will process the data for you to work out what might happen in the future. It is a piece of software that can do all the analytical and predictive work for you. Who has received an email from Amazon suggesting other books after your last purchase? That is their CRM system.

It interprets what your customers have already done, and allows you to try and predict what they might want to buy next.  Your database will have details of clients who have spent over £1,000, but you will have to drill down and look for them, whereas a CRM system will be adding up all their orders all year, and will tell you when they have spent £1,000, so you can get in contact with them. The best ones also provide ways of reaching your customers for you with email marketing and Newsletters and will add qualifying customers onto your Newsletter list for you.

 Not Just Communicate

The newest CRM systems have taken communication one step further, into a whole new world of Social Media and are now completely integrated with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, engaging with the possible clients and companies that it has analysed could be interested in your particular products or services.

Science Fiction or Fact?

Imagine if you could  view and manage Twitter feeds all from within your CRM, view Twitter feeds of specific companies,  Save Tweets to notes in CRM,  Update Twitter feeds from CRM and Track all your Brand or Company mentions..
How about CRM’s integration with Facebook allowing you to gain insights into customers’ Facebook profiles from within your  CRM interface?  View Facebook profiles from your CRM records, Search and save Facebook profiles, View a company’s Facebook feed and research prospects…

Perhaps you would like to have CRM integration with LinkedIn, to research prospects and connect with customers, identify qualified prospects, generate leads and participate in conversations?

Here at Entegraty, we are providing all this to forward thinking businesses right now. We can install a Social Media Integrated CRM package from Sage for you to start engaging more effectively with your clients. Click Here to make an appointment, and one of our Team will come and show you just how easy it is…..

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