Why Do I Need Professional IT Support for My Business?

The only thing that big corporations have in common with small businesses is when their IT system goes down. But the recovery process is where they usually differ.  Have a look at these two different ways of dealing with your IT issues:

Smith and Jones Ltd has 30 full time staff based in 2 offices in different Cities, 30 miles apart and Monday morning is going well until…“None of the computers will send any emails, they don’t seem to be receiving any either and no one can work as they can’t access the shared drives”. “Don’t worry” says the Office Manager, “I’ll just reboot the Server”… but it doesn’t work.

Customers can’t buy anything as the tills won’t work, and the Sales Rep can’t get into his Diary to see where his appointments are that day.  “Hang on” says the Sales Rep, “my flatmate knows about Servers, I’ll call him”…but he has gone to Scotland until the weekend. “We will use an online help desk; it’s only £250 an hour”. But 4 hours later; “You need to buy a ‘Malware-Autobot-Eliminator’ I’m afraid and then get it installed on your Server. We can get it to you by Thursday”

“But, I have a top of the range Anti-Virus protection” said the MD. “That was already out of date the day after you installed it” said the Engineer, “When you install the Autobot Eliminator, don’t forget to reconfigure all your computers, as it will have infected all of them” “Oh no!” Shrieked the Office Manager, then we will have to set up all the Printers again with each Computer” “Anyone know a courier we can use?” Said the MD; “We need to get that big quote emailed today by midday, I wonder if we can print it off and hand deliver it?”

Meanwhile, in the Shop next door…

The phone rings in the MD’s office of Spick and Span Ltd: “Hello David, its Harvey here, your Account manager at Entegraty IT Support. Nothing to worry about, but our monitoring scan of your back up last night showed an irregularity which we have an engineer working on right now for you. We are just switching over your system onto another server while we fix it. There might be 10 minutes downtime while we configure the switchover, so just letting you know.”
“Great thanks Harvey” said David. “We have a big deadline at midday today with an online international conference, will we be OK?”

“Yes, course” said Harvey, “We have 13 qualified IT Technicians and have 4 of them working on this right now for you. We believe it was a new Trojan Horse, but as a Microsoft Accredited Partner, we received a special patch that we are just installing on all your computers for you. Our Engineer Ryan is already on route to install the new Malware-Autobot-Eliminator, and will be there in an hour. Should be all done by Coffee time!”

“Thank Goodness, I can see why you got your ISO9001 ISO14001 certification” said the MD. “Thanks for letting us know, I will let you experts get on with your jobs. I think I’ll pop next door and see if Smith & Jones are ok…”

If you want to find out how easy it is to be like Spick and Span Ltd, just call us on this number, 01455 851 858 or email enquiries@entegraty.com  and let us show you!


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