Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

Here are a few helpful, time saving features that I use regularly to make working with Windows just that bit easier. All of these features work with both Windows 7 and Windows 10.

To access all of these you will need to start by hitting the Windows key, so for those that don’t know the Windows key – it looks like this:

Windows Key


Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool allows you to take a “snippet” of any area of the screen and either save this to be used later, or send the picture in an email attachment.

To access this, simply hit the Windows key to bring up the ‘Start menu’ and type “snipping”-  This will then show a picture of the sniping tool, so then hit ‘Enter’.

How to use: To use the tool, simply select new and draw a box around the area of the screen that you want to capture then release – you can add colours to your image to highlight a particular area or simply save / send.

Snipping Tool


Windows Scientific Calculator

A fully functioning scientific calculator


How to use – To access this, simply hit the Windows key to bring up the Start menu and type “calc” this will find the calculator and from there you can launch this selecting the three horizontal dashes (top left) and then select Scientific. You also have options in here to convert between different measurements as in volume, length, weight and mass etc..

Jump Lists

Easily access recent Word and Excel documents from the Taskbar with just two clicks!

How to create – select Excel from the Start menu but right click and select ‘pin to taskbar’. You will now see the Excel icon at the bottom of the screen in your taskbar. After opening a few documents in Excel, you will see that if you now right click the Excel icon on the taskbar, it will show a list of the most recent Excel files you have opened. To select one, simply left click it and it will open – no more trawling through files and folders to get to your recent documents – a real time saver!

Jump Lists


Sticky Notes

Create notes that stay on your screen until you remove them

Sticky Notes

How to use – Simply hit the Windows key and type “sticky”.

To add a new note, select the existing note and then select the ‘+’ sign in the top left corner. You can drag these wherever you want them and change the colour of them by right clicking the note (Windows 7) or selecting the three dots in the top right corner (Windows 10) and selecting a different colour – to delete a note select the ‘X’ icon (also top right).


God Mode

Have every setting instantly accessible on your desktop, with just one click!

GodMode is a dedicated folder that lets you see all control panels in one place — here you’ll be able to do everything from adding clocks for different time zones, to defragmenting your drives.

Right click on an empty area of your desktop and then select “new folder” from the list that appears.

Copy and paste in all of the line below the folder name:


 You will now have a folder called GodMode that when you go into it will contain every setting you will ever need:

GodMode icon on your desktop will look like this:




Thanks for reading! We hope these features help you save some time.